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Interactive Voting Brackets

Captivate your audience through highly engaging interactive voting campaigns.

Create meaningful social campaigns through interactive voting brackets. Engage users like never before -- and watch your brand awareness grow, generate leads and revenue, and build customer loyalty.

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Learn about NCAA Tournament Brackets

Bracketeers is now Votion!

Bracketeers has become Votion - we're the same team and still offering the industry-leading Bracket solution, but now have an entire suite of incredible products that drive engagement and generate leads.

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Voting Brackets

Run voting contests for 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64 competitors. Optional user registration. Social sharing. Run on your site or in Facebook.

Prediction Brackets

Let your fans choose who they think or want to win a contest. Run standalone or followed by a voting bracket. Leaderboard & social sharing.

Ad-Hoc Voting (Popolarity)

Unlimited competitor contests can be run standalone or as a pre-seeding product for a Bracket.

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Learn about NCAA Tournament Brackets


Drive incredible engagement

Brackets run over multiple rounds driving repeat engagement on topics of interest. Campaigns see very high time on site/in app, repeat usage & social shares.

Generate Leads

Collect email addresses, drive registrations, create calls to action. Brackets are a natural growth engine.

Create market buzz

Building campaigns that your fans are passionate about drives virality of campaigns, generating buzz for your brand.

Build Your community

Enable your fans to get competitive. Have multi channel conversations with your audience and help grow your community.

Generate revenue

Run advertisements, genearate product purchases and more right within your campaign. Incentivise fans and run as a sweepstakes. Leverage your highly captive audience during voting.

Gather audience sentiment

Learn audience sentiment in real time. See how competitors do over multiple rounds. Gain insight only possible through match style campaigns.

Our clients

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Case Studies

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Client/Industry Campaign Campaign Type Results
RadioTimes TV Champion 2015 Voting Brackets 120+ million votes
FastHockey Best Broadcaster Popolarity & Bracket 70k votes, 32 Million Reached via Facebook (organic)
AOL Xmas Song Madness Prediction & Voting Brackets 650,000+ votes
Powder Magazine Ski Town Throwdown III Popolarity & Size 32 Bracket 344,219 votes & massive engagement
DRAFT Magazine Beer Towns Brackets 280,000 votes


Bracketeers provided the platform and the timely support to ensure our third annual campaign ran as smoothly, and with as much engagement, as it ever has

Managing Editor, Powder Magazine

I just wanted to thank you guys so much...we saw a HUGE increase in traffic over the previous year...Having the reporting tools and being able to share the data with our customers is a huge plus. Bracketeers really took Shrub Madness from a home grown idea to a legitimate contest.

Marketing, Spring Meadow Nursery, Inc.

We achieved all our business goals with more than 60,000 registrations, 10% forward to a friend rate, 7,000 prize redemptions, and an expected ROI between 5.60 and 6.60!

Director of Online Marketing, Playboy

Your site was excellent and generated a TON of extra traffic and interest in our usually dry, boring market.

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